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Namibian association welcomes China’s ivory ban move

The Namibian Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA), along with other conservationists have welcomed the bold move by Chinese authorities, to gradually stop the processing and sales of ivory for commercial purposes by the end of 2017.

The Executive Committee of NAPHA on Tuesday said that, if, indeed executed, the closing down of the Chinese ivory market would go a very long way in ensuring the survival of African elephants and hopes that the proposed embargo will also expand to include many other threatened species.

According to the association, the Chinese embargo on elephant trading will be of great benefit to Namibia and trophy hunting in general.

“The number of Chinese trophy hunters is minimal when compared to hunters from other countries. In addition, the number of elephants hunted by international trophy hunters is little when compared to other forms of elephant mortalities, such as poaching, natural deaths, human/wildlife conflict,” NAPHA explained.

The association said the move will, however, lessen the pressure placed on the elephant population.

Meanwhile, NAPHA noted that, despite the move by China, the Chinese ivory market is negligible when compared to the greatest threats faced by the African elephant, which include the loss of habitat, human/wildlife conflict and bush meat poaching which are set to remain and will not be affected by the Chinese ban.


Source: Xinhua | Updated Jan 11

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