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NEW Home Lifestyle E commerce website HotDot.co.za has Launched

a New South Africa Lifestyle Ecommerce website www.hotdot.co.za has launched in Johannesburg on 1 July 2017.

HotDot.co.za is an online retail store website in Crown Mines, South Johannesburg, South Africa and we deal in Men & Women fashions,Home lifestyle, toys and fast consuming goods. HotDot.co.za, which is a private company is managed through a wealth of experience and offers South African markets (and consumers) the most affordable prices they can get.
HotDot.co.za enables safe and secure online shopping that provides customers with excellent service and flexible options for a variety of products and leading brands at competitive prices.

HotDot was initiated with a simple vision in mind; to be the largest, simplest and most customer centric online shopping destination in South Africa thus making us an innovative e- commerce retailer in Africa. We are passionate about providing great customer experience, starting with the moment you land on our website, until the product you ordered is delivered safely in your hands.

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