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Nigeria to strengthen cultural ties with China: minister

Nigeria – Africa’s Superpower

Nigeria will seek ways to strengthen its cultural ties with China, especially in the area of tourism, Nigeria’s Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Lai Mohammed said Tuesday.

Speaking at a meeting with the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria Gu Xiaojie, the senior Nigerian official said his tenure in office will see the two countries strengthening the existing cooperation in the tourism sector.

“China is a veritable development partner with the country. The relationship between the two countries started at the level of cultural collaboration but has now gone beyond that to the developmental level,” he said.

The minister, who also accepted the Chinese Embassy’s invitation to attend the first “World Conference on Tourism Development” to be hosted by China in May, said the trip would afford him the opportunity to exchange views with Chinese authorities on how best to help boost tourism in Africa’s superpower.

Speaking earlier at the meeting, Gu described the relationship between China and Nigeria as “excellent and strategic”, noting both countries have epitomized a win-win situation in the 45-year partnership.

The Chinese envoy said both countries attach great importance to the cultural collaboration and would work hard to strengthen it.

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