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NYDA discuss possible sustainable partnership with Africa Hub

On January 1, a delegation of senior officials from the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) paid a courtesy visit to the Africa Hub in a quest to build a sustainable partnership.

The visit by the officials was to share ideas on future work relations with Africa Hub, so that together they can create better conditions for local entrepreneurs.

The relationship seeks to build a platform for young entrepreneurs to advance their interest in business.

Young entrepreneurs will be assisted with various resourceful and sustainable programmes that will enable them adequate opportunities to grow their businesses.

Clint Ferreira, Sales Manager at Africa Hub said the visit from NYDA was to discuss possible partnership that seeks to advance the interests of the local entrepreneurs within Africa Hub.

He said much is expected following this visit adding that today (January 1) is just the initial part of the process to work towards forming a viable partnership with NYDA.

“Today’s visit was to discuss the proposed partnership between the two institutions working together and subsequently championing the interests of entrepreneurs and small medium enterprises.

“The partnership aims to create viable opportunities, training young entrepreneurs and skills development programmes in various areas of business,” said Ferreira.

Africa Hub and NYDA aim to form a long term partnership and in the process assist one another to address issues of youth development, he added.

The idea is to create incubator programmes within the vicinity of Africa Hub that will deal directly with the issues of entrepreneurs.

Delegates were rendered an opportunity to tour the Africa Hub site and get a feel of what they can expect when the idea of a partnership materialises.

Meanwhile, Africa Hub is a business enabler that seeks to create a business network that will enable entrepreneurs and SMMEs to work together and create their own vast market.

With NYDA coming in as a possible partner, Africa Hub is set to ensure that the interests of young entrepreneurs will definitely become a reality.

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