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Chinese Picture Exhibition tackles different China-Africa ties


People’s Daily, together with the African Times, organised an Overseas Construction Achievement Picture Exhibition for Chinese Enterprise in Africa at Emperors Palace on Wednesday, 9 December, 2015.

The picture exhibition showcased images taken all of Africa, covering various different articles from office parks being built to homes, roads and railway lines.

According to People Daily Overseas Chief Editor there are about 3000 enterprises from China in Africa and People’s Daily has visited most of them and will continue visiting the Chinese Enteprises.


Mr Wu Shaokang, President of African Times mentioned that these pictures tackle a different angle in the China-Africa cooperation.

“The picture exhibition promotes Chinese news and focuses on local news that assist in integration and teach Africans about how Chinese people live and how they have always been a part of their community” said Mr Wu Shaokang.

The event was attended by various Chinese Enterprises and construction companies. Consular General Yang Peidong was also present.

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