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Retirement village get a surprise visit from the Chinese CPF

In honouring the late Nelson Mandela, the South African Chinese CPF donated their 67 Minutes to the The Dewetshoff Retirement Village, showering the pensioners with food parcels for each and every one of them.

According to the Chinese CPF chairperson Mr NG (吴少康), the organisation and community of Cyrildene were no strangers to donating to the community. He mentioned though that the donations were made annually in July, working hand side with the SAPS of Cleveland in honouring the late Nelson Mandela. He added that they “will try working more the Social Crime Act division and other police divisions to improve the society.” He finished by wishing the seniors a healthy life.

The newly elected ward counsellor, Colonel Mike Spadino-Pippa was also present. He mentioned that good deeds like these have to be a norm in society. He promised to work with the retirement village and also with the Chinese community as a whole.

Among the attendees were Mr Binguan Zhuang Mr Chaoyang Wu Mr Yunsheng Chen Mr Changzhou Chen Mr Liyi Hu Mr Le Gao Mr Kaiyi Xu from Chinese CPF. Olga Monwana from the Social Crime Act and Alison Claire Roberts from the Cleveland CPF.

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