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Sport tournament held to curb crime

A soccer and netball tournament was held at the Mayfair grounds on Wednesday as part of the SAPS crime prevention campaign amongst teenagers.

The crime prevention campaign was organised by the Johannesburg Police Services who came together with the Chinese Community Police Forum who bought trophies and medals for the Soccer and Netball team that won the tournament.


Colonel Morake said that often teenagers are told not to get involved in crime and drugs but no activities are created to keep them busy and off the streets. “We cannot preach to them about crime and drugs then leave them gallivanting, we have to keep them busy”.

Countless police men and women participated in tournament, some as referees and lines men and others were cheering on the schools they attended as youngsters and the areas which they live or work in. Among the favourites was the Langlagte Technical High School that gave a 4-1 thrashing to a Booysens High School.

The Chinese CPF also participated by cheering on the boys who were losing.

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