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Tan Tian Xing visits JHB Chinese Community

Overseas Chinese Affairs Office led by the Vice Minister Mr Tan Tian Xing, met with the Chinese Community leaders in Cyrildene, Johannesburg on November 07, 2015.


The delegation arrived at the Chinese CPF where they were welcomed by the Chinese community representatives and business leaders. They were updated on how the Chinese CPF works, their challenges and their achievements.

They moved on to the All Africa Peace Association where the Chairman Mr Lee Xinjuen, spoke about his association and opened a discussion about how living conditions in South Africa are, as compared to China.


The challenges that the Chinese nationals were facing in South Arica was the first item discussed on the agenda. Chinese community had numerous representatives from Business Forums and associations that represent the Chinese Community.

Mr Xing was briefed about the South African laws in terms of business, land ownership and other laws that the Chinese community coming to stay in South Africa has to get accustomed to.


Among the attendees was Vice Consular general Mr Yang Peidong who hosted the event and Mrs Zhu Yiyuan (Anita) Chairlady of Africa Chinese Woman Association,

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