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The week of Hunan in Cape Town

In celebration of the Year of China in South Africa, The Hunan week will be held in Cape Town from September 21-25 2015 show casing some of the Province’s most unique attractions that set them apart from the rest of China and the rest of the world.

The event will be attended by the Deputy Governor of Hunan Province Chen Zaoxiong and the government delegation from the Hunan Province; who arrived last night and received a warm welcome from Mr Hu Jimbo, the deputy chairman of All Africa Association for Peaceful Re-unification of China (AAAFPROC).

The event week event will be attended by the Chinese Community Police Forum (CPF) Chairman Mr WU Shaokang, acting Consul general of Cape Town General Consulate; Mr Li Lipei and the Secretary General of AAAFPROC  Mr Zhang Zhao.

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