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Two killed while robbing a Chinese owned Supermarket

The Chinese Community Police Forum received a report on six armed robbers at a Supermarket owned by a Chinese national in Mamelodi on September 29.


The owner of the supermarket defended himself by opening fire, shot dead two of the robbers. Two of suspects managed to get away whilst the other two were arrested by the police.

the Police liaison officer Consular Wang ZhiGang, Secretary Mr Zhu Di, Chinese CPF Chairman Mr Chen Fushou and  Mr Gao Le drove to the supermarket the same evening after hearing about the incident.

The police found a total of three fire arms at the supermarket. One of the firearms belonged to the shop owner whilst the other two belonged to the suspects. The police will continue investigating the case.

The Chinese CPF chairman urged community members to be more vigilant as the festive season draws nearer.

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