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Unity, Non-racialism and Democracy March on Friday

Chinese members urged to attend Unity, Non-racialism and Democracy march

Unity, Non-racialism and Democracy march will take place on Friday, February 19 to rebuild South Africa’s “rainbow nation” spirit that the country is know for.

All Chinese members in Johannesburg and Pretoria are urged to stand up against racism and inequality that has been a problem since the beginning of 2016.

The unity, non-racialism and democracy march will be held in Pretoria, beginning at Burgers Park Hotel and ending at the Union Buildings.

People residing in Johannesburg will receive transport at 41 Ernest Oppenheimer Avenue, Bruma near Eastgate Shopping Centre. The buses will leave Johannesburg at 7am in the morning.

The Human Rights Commission has pledged to investigate all the cases they have received since the beginning of 2016. They have received over 10 cases in January alone. This after a slew of racist comments on social media in the first few weeks of this year laid bare the deep levels of hostility, misunderstanding and mistrust that still exist between South Africa’s black and white communities nearly 22 years after apartheid ended.

Notion of South Africa being a “rainbow nation” has been heavily scrutinized as it appears that people still have racist views and see each other differently and treat each other according to their ethnicity.

The newly established civil society group, the Anti-Racism Network South Africa, is seeking to create a national action plan to combat racism, including the creation of reporting mechanisms and penalties for racism. Its first annual anti-racism week runs March 14th-21st this year.

If you are against racism and view your neighbours, business partners, employees or colleagues as equals no matter what their race or ethnicity is then you will support of the unity, non-racialism and democracy march and among those who will be in Pretoria on Friday. Chinese nationals are urged to be in attendance.

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