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Weihai (South African) Investment and Trade Fair a great Success

Weihai Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Shandong Overseas Association of Southern Africa held an Investment and Trade Fair at Emperors Palace on Tuesday 12.


Trade, economics and partnership were at the forefront of the Weihai (South African) Investment and Trade Fair Overseas Chinese gathering, with the speakers all discussing how essential economic growth and partnership is to both countries.


The chairman of Shandong Overseas Association of South Africa was the first to take the stage and talk about how China and South Africa’s bilateral relations were at a peak and that the two countries needed to increase trade and investment in order to maintain the partnership that exists.


Mayor of Weihai Ms Zhang Hui spoke about how trade partnership needs to be formed at the foundation with small businesses forming ties. She added that in order to increase and maintain the strong bilateral relations China and South Africa have, cities and businesses with similar interests and business ventures need to form trade partnership and build networks together.

Ms Zhang Hui introduced Weihai, a city in the Shandong province, as a city that has a long costal area with three harbours. She further highlighted the similarities between Durban and Weihai and expressed her gratitude for seeing businessmen that were from Durban that occasionally trade with Chinese businesses from Weihai.


The Chinese Embassy had various officials that pledged their support in increasing the trade and corporation between the two BRICS countries.

Among other attendees were Mr Wu Shaokang, Counsellor General of Johannesburg Mai Xinquan, Mr Thomas Radebe and Steve Nkosi from Durban.







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