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Xu Weizhong visits The Chinese CPF

The Chinese Community Police Forum was graced by the presence of Xu Weizhong, Director and Research professor from the Institute of African Studies on Thursday.


Mr Weizhong was accompanied by his colleagues from the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR).They were coming to study and identify the cultural changes or difficulties that the Chinese community in South Africa experiences.

They also wanted to examine their living conditions and to know if there were any business opportunities that were available to the Chinese community.

The Chairman of the Chinese CPF Mr NG was pleased to show the CICIR members around the neighbourhood. He informed them that the most challenging difficulty they faced was crime. He explained how the shops and businesses made the community prone to crime.

resize3The Chinese CPF was founded in 2004 to assist the Chinese community in fighting crime and local community members sponsored the venture.

The Chinese CPF has also built a strong relationship with the SAPS. Their offices are located in Cyrildine, Johannesburg. 

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